April 22, 2017

Our Story

Both David and I found each other when we were having a tough time with life and love. We loved each other's

company and genuinely cared for one anothers well being. The bond was there the friendship was strong and

we kept each other laughing and smiling. Little did we know that when we each would go home at night we

would end up thinking about each  other and eventully carried on a text conversation for hours into many early

mornings. Our love is real. It's laughter, and silliness, it's comforting and understanding, it's give and take. It's

almost effortless. We truly believe that we have met our match. There's so much love that we have for one

another inside of us that it just pours out when we are together. We're best friends, we do everything together,

even if it's nothing we're still doing nothing together, and we like that! I don't think getting sick of each other is

an option. We have both helped each other out gigantically over the course of our relationship, romatically,

mentally, and even physically! We grew and then grew together, and we can't wait to share our most precious

moments ahead with you guys!!


Cara & David

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